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I, NANO Cover Reveal

The cover reveal for my first sci-fi book, I, NANO, is extremely exciting. I think it turned out really well. While the world may be in upheaval, at this moment, I couldn't be happier.

There are details in the cover art that make more sense as the book progresses. It fits the book extremely well, and looks cool (to me anyways).

I made the cover art from

a licensed image (the face),

a royalty-free image (the trees),

Photoshop, and

Amazon's KDP interface

Because this book is self-published, I had to create it on a budget. It took lots of time to decide on this version. I had books with lots more color, ones that turned out cheesy, and others that had minimal connection with the actual plot. I've been thinking about the cover art ever since I started writing I, Nano.

The author bio and blurb on the back took lots of time. Writing about oneself is challenging. It was a combination of boiling my life down to a few sentences. The blurb was similar, providing enough detail to tell the reader what it's about, but without giving away the full story.

The cover makes me feel like this is finally real. I will be a published author.

I'm already thinking about the cover art for my next novels, Day After Infinity, and the sequel to I, Nano, Rebel.

I'd love feedback on the cover art. Thanks.

As always, a share on social media is appreciated. As a self-published author, I rely on my readers to spread the word. Thanks.

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