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I, NANO Release

I'm super excited to announce the release date of I, NANO, my first sci-fi novel. I am so grateful to all my peeps who, the ones who helped, encouraged, and cheered me on.


I, Nano appeals to those who enjoyed The Darkest Minds and X-Men.

After nuclear armageddon, the masses live in a digital utopia while their bodies starve, kept alive and complacent by nano-bots and AI implants. Mazz’s AI glitches, making him highly unpopular at high school. Accidents follow him wherever he goes.

It turns out that his glitchy AI causes nano-bots to misbehave around him. Can Mazz learn to control his abilities before a group of warriors hunts him down?

“I enjoyed the book very much. J.F. Lawrence told a great story in a fun fashion. His world-building is really engaging.” - Jason W.


I have to thank my kiddos, who inspired me to write this book and encouraged me along the way. Without them, I'd never have written a young-adult book. They were the first ones to hear my book, and were first in line to read the final version.

My chronic illness also influenced my writing. The idea of medical nanites that could heal any illness obviously has appeal for someone of my health. The idea of life-extending technology has always fascinated me, even before I fell down the rabbit hole.

Some people's brains don't work like others, and mine fits that category. The main character in I, NANO has a broken AI inside his head, which is sometimes how I feel. This ability to think differently is a blessing and and a curse that I sympathize with.

"Fast-paced and fun to read. Ten out of Ten." - Rebecca S.

If you're interested in following Mazz on his adventure, then subscribe below and pre-order the book.

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