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I, NANO Released

I couldn't be more thrilled to release I, NANO on Amazon (Kindle(Unlimited) and hard copy).

As my first book to hit the stores, I have no idea what to expect. So far the reviews have been awesome. I heard that two people read it twice because they enjoyed it that much. It made my week.

The Blurb

I, Nano appeals to those who enjoyed The Darkest Minds and X-Men.

After nuclear armageddon, the low-caste masses live in a digital utopia while their bodies starve, kept alive and complacent by nano-bots and AI implants. Mazz’s AI glitches, making him highly unpopular at high school. Accidents follow him wherever he goes.

It turns out that his glitchy AI causes nano-bots to misbehave around him. Can Mazz learn to control his abilities before a group of warriors hunts him down?

Early Reviews

"Great sci fi read!

I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi books, and I thought this one was up there with the best. I really thought this was interesting the way the main character was fit into this creative world.

It is a great read especially for young sci-fi and fantasy readers like me (age 12)." - MC

"What a ride!

Almost from the first page, I was totally invested in the story and character development.

No one can write science fiction like a science fiction fan. I shall look forward to more of this author's work." -Mrs C

The Trilogy

I, NANO is the first installment in a trilogy. I expect I, REBEL to release in 9 months, and I, INFERNO to release in 18 months. The reason it takes so long between releases is that I need time between revisions in order to come back to a piece with a fresh perspective. The writing is actually the fastest part. Editing is where the challenge really begins.


If you want to support a self-published author, please read my book, follow on social media, and subscribe to hear about my milestones. Thanks.

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