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METAL – Launches Today – An Apocalypse Novel

Releasing my new novel, METAL, is more than a we-bit exciting. I can't wait for you to experience this new variant on the apocalyptic genre. In this action-packed and scientifically feasible story, I explore how dependent our society is on metal.


When a disease begins rusting important metals overnight, Terrance Mathison, a veteran turned bioengineer, must assemble a team to find a cure while society crumbles.


In short, yes. There are a variety of microbes that rust different metals from steel and iron to lithium and aluminum. For example, Leptospirillum is a microbe that can rust a 16-penny nail in several days. Ongoing research in the area of biological corrosion could be a game changer for environmental cleanup of mines and dumps around the world.

While all of the technologies discussed in METAL are viable today, I hope that putting the pieces together is beyond our abilities. But hope don't float boats. With the accelerating growth of bioengineering, the premiss of METAL is entirely too possible within a generation.


The idea was born when I read an article in about metal-eating bacteria found in a mine in Chile. The twisted villain part of my brain–the majority according to some people–instantly went to its evil-genius happy place: mass death and destruction. As a fan of apocalyptic books and movies, I knew exactly where the book had to go, downhill for everyone.


Because METAL has scientific underpinnings, I drew upon the late Michael Chricton’s famous style of researching like crazy before writing. He had a way of explaining complex science in as simple of terms to entertain most people while hinting at enough detail to appeal to nerds like me. I was honored and thrilled when Beta readers drew the parallels between METAL and Chricton’s amazing works.

As an apocalyptic book, I emulated zombie and pathogen books that dealt with elite warriors like the Arisen Series by Glynn James, my favorite series in the genre. The challenge was to include enough detail to keep it realistic while not getting bogged down. The fine people of Salute Colorado deserve a huge shout-out. An ex-Navy SEAL and a Spec Ops veteran took me from mostly missing targets to accurately hitting them in fast succession in only two hours. They are impressive as hell.


While writing METAL, I came up

with multiple possible covers. These are two versions I considered. The proportions and colors weren't correct for the first one. The second one is a little too barbaric.

I'm much happier with the final cover because it is both sleek and corroded, the transition Mathison is trying to stop.

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