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Why I write about nanites

When your brain is only partially working, your right hand curls up into a numb but painful claw, muscles all over your body misfire, and you feel like you've run a marathon just from waking up, you know it's a bad day. Today is just that kind of day.

I am lucky though. On most days, I can resemble fine. I can fake it, and even sometimes believe it, because of the modern miracle called pharmacology.

My illness is one of the reasons I write about nanites (microscopic machines that can float around your body to heal any number of illnesses). Makes sense, right? In my fantasies, "The Treatment" as I call it, would fix me up.

But like everything, there are pros and cons of everyone being healthy. Systems never work perfectly. Technology has a way of glitching, which is what inspired the Sam Butler series when my son asked me to write a book for him.

As thinks says in book 1, "Just like every other experience in my life, everything good had an equal and opposite consequence." The converse of this is true as well. "Everything bad in this world has an equal and opposite consequence." My illness brought life to Sam Butler and his world.

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